Connect with openEHR

If you're not technical it isn't easy to work out how to get started with openEHR; in fact it can seem quite impenetrable to the non-technical community and in particular those clinicians who are critical for collaboration around archetypes. While no specific knowledge of openEHR is required for clinicians to engage in review of clinical content prior to publication, the process of archetype creation itself requires the strategic input of clinicians with some knowledge of openEHR.

So... Where to start?

Check out some of the Ocean Informatics resources. In particular, you may like to start with:

And of course:

  • The quintessential Resource -  the 'source of all truth' -  all about openEHR including the technical specifications on the openEHR Foundation's website:
  • openEHR community - engage directly with the openEHR community via the openEHR mailing lists. There are active announcement, clinical, decision support, implementer and technical lists with an interested community; a place for sharing ideas, collaborative problem solving and sharing of experiences in working with openEHR.
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