OSLO, Norway - November 2017

Clinical modelling training with the Nasjonal IKT team

Hangzhou, China - August, 2017

Medinfo 2017 conference - openEHR workshops

Tromsø, norway - January, 2017

Advanced clinical modelling workshop in the snow and under the northern lights

OSLO, Norway - January, 2017

Introduction to clinical modelling workshop

Calgary, Canada - December 2016

Advanced clinical modelling training course at Alberta Health Services

Brasilia, Brasil - June 23, 2016

Workshop de Desenvolvimento De Governança, with the Health Minister

Shanghai, China - April, 2016

Participating in the first ever openEHR workshop in China & guest speaker at the China mHealth and Medical Software forum

Kyoto, Japan - January 2016

Brasilia, Brasil - December 2015

Training on openEHR and SNOMED CT with Heather Grain

Oslo, norway - November 2015

Clinical modelling introduction. Train the trainer has been a very successful approach - here the trainees are now training others, in Norwegian!

Geneva, Switzerland - February 10, 2014

WHO eHealth meeting