An orthogonal question...

Just askin'. Just curious... What single eHealth activity, process or solution now available could:

  • Ensure that EHR data is safe and ‘fit for clinical purpose’;
  • Support data integration, data aggregation & comparative analysis;
  • Simplify and support messaging and data exchange;
  • Enable co-ordinated knowledge-based activities; and
  • Provide a clear transition path for existing EHR applications towards common data representations. there's a list that covers a broad range of eHealth, including may of our current, collective headaches, doesn't it!

The main thrust of the question is one that doesn't get asked very often, as it is  orthogonal to our more common application- and messaging-driven approaches.  It focuses on the most important part of any eHealth activities, yet it remains largely ignored - the quality and re-use of health information. Liquid data. Shareable data.

My opinion is that we need a clinical knowledge repository of common and agreed data definitions - that much should be clear from my other posts.

What other alternatives do you think can provide a solution in this knowledge space? How will we fill these needs?