Introduction to openEHR clinical modelling


A 2-day training course designed to equip clinicians, developers, informaticians, managers, decision- and policy-makers with a theoretical overview of openEHR, plus hands-on experience creating archetypes and templates, using clinical modelling tools and using the Clinical Knowledge Manager

Day 1 is typically an overview of openEHR and clinical modelling which is suitable for anyone in the organisation to attend.

  • Introduction to the openEHR specifications

  • Overview of openEHR use internationally

  • What is an archetype?

  • What is a template?

  • Introduction to the clinical modelling suite of tools

  • Introduction to clinical knowledge governance

  • Hands on: Reviewing an archetype or template in CKM

Day 2 builds on the knowledge of the first day and is usually a hands-on program, intended to provide basic knowledge and practical tooling experience for those in the organisation who will be building archetypes and templates.

  • Theory: how to create an archetype – classes and structure

  • Hands on: Building an archetype

  • Theory: How to create a template

  • Hands on: Building a template to represent a real data set

Target Audience

Day 1: clinicians, developers, informaticians, managers, decision/policy makers. Numbers are not capped.

Day 2: clinicians, developers, informaticians. Maximum of 25 attendees.

Prerequisite knowledge

None. No previous knowledge of openEHR is assumed or expected.