Seriously? Beautiful health data?

The current fragmented approach to health data design severely limits the potential impact offered by digital health. This data is inconsistent in format and unreliable in meaning. Its development is uncoordinated and is isolated in stand-alone, proprietary silos because we have no reliable way to know if two data points have the same meaning and intent.

Atomica Informatics is expert in ‘little data’ design. We make sure that the atomic data is fit for purpose so that we can work more intelligently with data in ways that not currently possible.

Our approach is to deliberately not limit the data to a single project or system, but design it with a pragmatic but big picture view – this will support potential use and connection across multiple projects, multiple domains and in multiple systems. We re-use and leverage open-source, published, ‘tried and tested’ data patterns where possible, in preference to ‘reinventing the wheel’.

The result is coherent, coordinated and resilient data.

Beautiful data indeed!