Advanced clinical modelling workshop


These interactive workshops are delivered face-to-face and can either be structured with the agenda fixed and agreed with the client ahead of time or can be fluid and driven by the modelling questions and issues that are being dealt with at the time of the workshop.

Think of them as a masterclass in clinical modelling!

The duration can vary from 2-5 days, as requested by the client.

Feedback from previous attendees has been that even if a question or issue cannot be completely solved during the workshop, it is the thinking process towards a solution that becomes the most valuable thing to take away from the workshop. They often return for more than one workshop, to keep building their knowledge and skills!

Target Audience

Your core clinical modelling team of clinicians, developers and informaticians.

Maximum of 6-8 active participants.

Prerequisite knowledge

Attendees are assumed to have attended at least one openEHR clinical modelling introductory training course or have practical openEHR clinical modelling experience.